At an elevation of 3000 feet, enjoy the breathtaking five-county panoramic view.

Mountain Vista Guests Support Local Causes

Thanks to the generosity of Mountain Vista guests, donations and personal tips have supported the Bible In The Schools program since it's opening. 100% of this support goes toward teacher salary and/or related supplies.

2016 - $300.00
2015 - $244.52
2014 - $381.87
2013 - $269.25

2012 - $88.75 (annual tuition for 1.2 students) 
2011 - $143.72 (annual tuition for 1.9 students)
2010 - $80.62 (annual tuition for 1.02 students)
2009 - $68 (annual tuition for 0.8 student)

2008 - $114 (annual tuition for 1.4 students)

Additionally, 29 pounds of non-perishable food was donated by 2009 Mountain Vista guests to support Tender Mercies Ministries, a food pantry serving the less fortunate in Princeton, WV.

See if you can recognize Mountain Vista Christmas Tree Farm in Magic Mart's currently airing Christmas commercial!


Magic Mart Commercial at Mountain Vista

"The Deal Man" Mark Warner and Arden Hamrick
 of Cole Automotive Group direct and shoot the commercial.

Expanding your choice of Christmas tree species!

We plant hundreds of new seedlings each spring to give you a broader choice of Christmas tree species as well as a greater volume of Christmas trees to choose from in the future.

Coming soon...choose from:

Fraser Fir
Canaan Fir
Colorado Blue Spruce
White Spruce (limited)
Norway Spruce
White Pine

Mountain Vista RECYCLES!

Mulched Christmas trees are used annually to stabilize and enrich disturbed soil at Mountain Vista Christmas Tree Farm! Special thanks to both the City of Princeton for their donation of mulched Christmas trees to the Mountain Vista recycling project and also to the Mercer County Solid Waste Authority for managing the '08 county-wide collection site and providing the chipper to partner with Mountain Vista in Christmas tree recycling.

Caring for your freshly cut Christmas tree.

It's important to properly care for your freshly cut Christmas tree to improve the longevity of it's appearance as well as prevent drying out and any potential for fire. Here are some abbreviated tips from

1. Make a fresh, perpendicular one inch cut off the trunk immediately before putting it in the stand.
2. Keep the stand filled with fresh water, only. Additives such as aspirin, sugar, etc. have little benefit. Your tree may require from 1 pint to 1 gallon of water a day.
3. If the water level falls below the cut, sap will form a seal over the stump within several hours preventing water from entering the tree. If this happens, make another fresh cut at the bottom of the tree and immediately fill the stand with water.
4. Keep your real tree away from point sources of heat such as fireplaces, heaters, etc.
5. Lowering the room temperature will slow drying and will result in less water consumption.
6. Use only UL approved lights, cords, and devices on trees. Check electrical cords and lights for damage prior to placement on the tree.

The best time to choose & cut your real tree...

Consider this advice from the WV Division of Forestry when timing your visit to Mountain Vista:
When selecting your tree, remember that fresh pines will hold their needles for several weeks and spruces will hold their needles for at least two weeks when cared for properly.

Environmentally conscious? ....Then go for a real Christmas tree!

With everyone being so conscious about "going green", you may be wondering if cutting a Christmas tree is being a good steward of God's creation. Absolutely! Christmas trees are a renewable resource, grown as an agricultural crop just like any other farm product for the sole purpose of being ....well, a Christmas tree! Real Christmas trees are also a benefit to the environment absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people per acre while they are growing. On the other hand, fake trees are made from non-biodegradable PVC, polyethylene, or a combination of the two and are usually manufactured in foreign countries. Plus they don't even smell good!

Get the facts for yourself from the National Christmas Tree Association and other environmental experts.

FACT: Real trees can be more fire resistant than fake ones.

Consider this statement from the WV Department of Agriculture:

"A popular misconception is that artificial trees are safer, but a fresh and well-watered tree can be more fire resistant than an artificial tree. "

Recycling your real Christmas tree...

Check out these links to find environmentally friendly options for recycling your real Christmas tree once Christmas is over:

National Christmas Tree Association:

Education & experience give you a quality product.

Member of the WV Christmas Tree Growers Association 2008 - 2015

  • Semi-annual meetings provide technical and educational support from State experts and other fellow growers.

  • Mentor program.
Second & third generation Choose & Cut Christmas tree growers.
  • Hands-on experience in planting, care, trimming, and sales practices at his parent's farm as well as his own.
Responsible environmental practices as an engineer and property inspector.

Former FFA student
  • Forest management

  • Fish and wildlife management

Our Family Serving Yours

Mountain Vista is a family owned and operated farm small enough to ensure personal attention. My husband is a second generation Choose & Cut Christmas tree farmer and really enjoys the process of growing and caring for trees. Each member of our family is a vital facet of Mountain Vista making it a true family business. We think you'll notice.